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XLR8 Split Keel Design

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As we have continued refining the XLR8 series of designs we have also been looking at enhancing the options by adding a front fin that would allow us to create several different split keel combinations.

This post introduces the fin that makes this all possible, the XLR8-388F, the height is 3 7/8"! It is not a very tall fin, but due to the rake it still has a fair bit of area, so it will certainly contribute drive to the whole package.

In the attached photo this fin can be seen in combination with the XLR8-500, but it works equally well with either the XLR8-450 or the XLR8-600.

This new template has a fairly extreme rake that is going to allow for a lot of projection out of turns. It is very narrow so it will be very efficient and fast. Despite being so narrow it still features a hollow foil on the inside face, and of course, there is a FLIP TIP. This tip is fairly extreme in angle when compared to the other fins in the XLR8 series. What is not apparent in the photo is that the flip is a lot longer than the WHITE tip would indicate. The bend starts at least 3/4" below the boundary of the white tip. This is all possible because of the PHAT FOILS being used in the design, there is a lot of taper from the base to the bottom of the flip!

Needless to say, we are very excited about this new template and the fact that it will add another option to the XLR8 series of fins. This will be able to be used with older XLR8 fins as well to make up split keel sets. So there is no need to buy a whole set of fins to explore the split keel option, simply buy one set of these new fins!

One of the longterm goals for the XLR8 series was that we wanted to have one that covered all of the different types of fin combinations that someone might wish to explore. Part of the motivation was since should we put these into production as HRD-KORE fins we would prefer to have a series that covered everything. With the addition of this new fin we can now offer, split keels, twinzers, reverse quads, quads, and thrusters all out of a single range of fins. Plus with the addition of the SK8 series they can be used in combination with these fins for an even broader range of choices.

We will report back with more info on these new fins once we get more testing under our belts!


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