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XLR8 Center Fin Design Update 2

In an early post we had detailed the progression of the design for a dedicated center fin for the XLR8 series. We had gone through three different versions that were tested. All worked well but there was something missing!

Our chief test pilot asked me to make him a center fin that used the same template as the side fins, so that he could compare how this worked against the dedicated design. So we atarted by making a 5.00" version that would be used with the same size side fins in a thruster setup.

Turns out this was way better than the dedicated center fin, everything about the setup worked better to the point where it felt like a quad setup in terms of drive, speed, and hold, but in a thruster setup.

After making the 5.00" version we made up a 6.00" so that it could be used with the 5.00" side fins in a gun for much bigger days. This once again blew us away as it worked really well.

Based on the testing we have decided that the center fin for the XLR8 series will simply use the same template as the side fins. We are going to do three versions - 4.50", 5.00", and 6.00"! The 4.50" will be next up for testing as soon as we can get back in the shop!

NOTE: all of these center fins will be using the final v3 outlines for the XLR8 series. These outlines have undergone some minor changes since the earlier versions. The primary change has been that the outline has been adjusted to smooth curves on the leading and trailing edges, with no corners like the previous versions. Our testing has shown these to just be smoother in the water and they also look better. The next blog post will detail the final design shapes for the XLR8 series.

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