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Finalized XLR8 Series Range

After many months of testing and experimenting, we have settled on the final version of the XLR8 series designs. These final templates are the third iteration of the design.

Ths drawing shows the full range of fins with all of the possible templates. At this point, we are not considering any additional sizes but if the need arises we can always add them. We have attempted to balance the range to cover the widest possible fin combinations and setups in order to make them as versatile as possible.

The v3 versions of the design have taken the previous outlines and smoothed them all out so that there are no longer any corners transitions anywhere in the leading or trailing edges.

This smoothing out of the outline was done to help smooth out the performance of the fin, it is very subtle but it does make them look nicer and they certainly work really well.

For now, this range is only available as custom fins, but these are going to be the next ones to be added to the HRD-KORE molded fin range. Ideally, we would like to mold all of these fins, but due to the large number of them, we might have to space them out a little.

Here are the groupings and sizes of the fins.

CANARDS - XLR8-300TS and XLR8-350CN The TS is also used as a trailing side or center fin

TWINS & QUADS - XLR8-400, XLR8-413B, XLR8-450, XLR8-500, and XLR8-600 These are the primary fins of the range

SPLIT KEELS - XLR8-388F and XLR8-475B The XLR8-388F has also been designed to work with the three larger twins

CENTERS - XLR8-450C, XLR8-500C, and XLR8-600C

While we cannot promise that we won't add additional templates to this range, for now, this looks like what we are going to go forward, with.

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