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TX 500 Fin Design

Not only have we been working on the DV8 and Q3 designs, in the background we have also been working on the next generation version of our venerable THUMB center fin design, the TS. This would be the 4th generation version of this design, but we have chosen to name it the TX!

The design inherits many of the original designs characteristics, narrow base, lots of rake, plenty of flex, and pairs it with a lot of the newer ideas we have been working recently. The newer additions are a more parallel and wing like throat and a more horizontal blade.

This design was initially primarily intend to be a center fin design, but after looking at the design we decided we would also make a side fin set as the shape looked so promising.

We used an interesting construction approach for this set of twin fins. Because of the narrow throat and the size of the blade we wanted better control over where the fin flexed. In order to do this G-10 was added to the whole throat area and then foiled into the rest of the fin. This was also done to increase the thickness in that area to enhance the foils. The use of this stiffer material really gave a lot of control over the flexing, which is now much more focused in the tip and allows the blade to flex more side to side. The next set we do

Looking closely at the photo what appears to be a strong reflection at the base of the fin is in fact the G-10 material!

The inside face of this design has a very strong hollow foil running up into the base of the blade. The blade in turn is shaped out vertically through the central area of the blade. When viewed from above the blade looks like a section through a wing. This translates into a more hydrodynamic shape to the blade while allowing it to still generate lift. Plus it puts a hollow on the inside face allowing it to get more bit when pushed. Additionally, there is also a little hollowing in the bottom part of the blade to encourage the water flow to stay focused on the blade.

At this point in time all of this is still just theory but now that we have a prototype we can put it to the test. Based on experience with the existing Thumb fin designs there is no reason not to expect this to work really well.

Next up we will be making a couple of the center fin versions of this so those can also be tested. We will also be doing some smaller versions of these side fins to be used as side bites with the center fin. The center fin designs stand at - 5.50", 6.00", 6.50", 7.00, 7.50", 8.00", 8.50", and 9.00".

We really like the look of this fin, it has a certain aesthetic that appeals to the eye!


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