XTC 450CW Wing Center Fins

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XTC 450CW Wing Center Fins

Along with the development work we have been doing on the DV8 fins we have also been making a few of these interesting center fins for thrusters. This is our standard XTC 450C center fin that has a pair of wings grafted onto the tips.

In the photo there are two slightly different version, with the difference being primarily in the winglets, the CLEAR ones being more raked at the trailing edge than the RED one. Not shown in the photo is that the RED tipped version has a FUTURES base while the other one is a DUAL TAB base.

These fins a re a real challenge to make and certainly are more art than fin foiling as most of the tip work has to be done entirely by hand with a lot of use of rattail files and circular sanding blocks.

This photo shows a little bit of how these winglets look from the front of the fin.

XTC 450CW Frontal View

These winglets are interesting in that not only are the flared outward but there is also a slight curve in them with curve facing outboard. The idea behind this curve is that as the board goes on the rail and the winglet becomes more vertical in the water the curve is oriented to help the board through the turn with as little drag as possible. Any time when the fin is in a neutral state the wings are shipped to provide the least amount of resistance possible, while the curve in the winglets is also oriented to create a slight downward pressure to keep the tail engaged.

These fins have been foiled out of 3/8\" material in order to get nice full foils and to provide more material to shape the wings. The wings are built up with additional pieces of 3/8" panel on either side of the main fin blank. Lots of gluing up work involved in the making of these fins.

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