Finally T-Shirts are here!

The new tee shirts are finally here and are now available for purchase from the online store.

For those of you in Australia, we are trying to figure out a way to ship a bunch of these over there in a single box so that you do not have to pay outrageous shipping charges. For now if you are interested in getting a shirt let us know what you want and we will try to squeeze them into a box of fins heading that side, or if we get enough we can fill a box on their own.

They are available in WHITE, BLACK, RED, and GOLD in L, XL, and XXL, some colors are not available in XXL.

Stock is a little limited for this first round as we attempt to figure it all out, mahalo!

There are now also a limited number of tank tops available in WHITE, BLACK, and RED!

All shirts are 100% cotton.



HANALEI FINS manufactures an extensive range of CNC machined fiberglass, RTM molded composite fins (HRD-KORE), and custom fiberglass & G-10 fins (HANALEI FINS). The custom fins include quads, thrusters, side bites, and regular single fins.

We offer a range of completely unique templates that are unlike anything else available in the marketplace. All fins are offered with either GEARBOX or DUAL TAB bases, as well as FUTURES bases on some designs. All of the designs feature our HOLOFOILS inside foils for an extra performance boost, where applicable.

Enhance the Flow…

Delivering the future

Our fin ranges are offered in four distinct categories as shown below.

Each choice will delve in greater detail into the designs that make up the category. Fins that are available to be purchased will be able to be purchased directly from the fin card.

CNC fins are solid fiberglass, HRD-KORE are RTM molded fins, and the CUSTOM and SINGLE fins are also all solid fiberglass. All CUSTOM and SINGLE fins are handmade and only available by pre-order, we do not stock the fins that make up these ranges.

CNC and HRD-KORE fins can be purchased directly from the individual fin cards on the respective pages, or from our Australian distributor Sanded Australia. CUSTOM fins can also be ordered directly from the fin cards on the custom page.

Click on a category below to see all the fins available.

CNC Banner
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CNC Fins

Details on our range of CNC machined fins

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Details on our complete range of RTM molded fins

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Details on all of the latest CUSTOM fin designs

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Details on the extensive range of SINGLE fins


Technical Information

We have a lot of information available on all things related to fins, design, and fin layout.

We provide a number of helpful guides on fin layout that can serve as a starting point for figuring out the best fin layout. All of the guides we provide can be downloaded as PDF files that can be printed out for a hard copy reference.

Be sure to also check out our BLOG as we tend to put a lot of information in there on new designs and the current state of affairs for all things HANALEI FINS.

A4C Banner
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This is the best source for information on the current state of new fin designs and what is going on with HANALEI FINS.

Q2 Banner
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We provide a large number of guides that can be used to figure out your own fin layouts, they are all downloadable.

XPD2 Banner
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Primer providing information on fin layout, selection, and terminology.

WTF/XTC/DS banner
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Information about our foils and the various materials that are used to make our fins.

Modern under the glass fin system

For those interested in the GEARBOX fin system use the link below to visit the website. There is a lot of information there on the system, check it out!

To find out more, or to get answers to questions

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