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Because we have offices in Australia we maintain a separate store for that region. The Hawai'i store serves the US and the rest of the world.

Because we make a lot of custom fins we also have an online store that allow some of these custom fins to be ordered. This store tends to be taken down periodically whenever we get swamped with orders and need a little time to catch back up. An announcement is always placed on the custom order page detail any of these downtime periods.


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Words from our customers

Success in this world might be driven by ideas and innovation, but it is really the customers that create successful products.

Without our wonderful customers we would not be here, they are the ones that drive us to create newer and better ideas. In turn this helps them have more fun surfing. So in this section we will let some of them have their say.

Anyone that would like to contribute to these testimonials please feel free to send your thoughts to us and we will be more than happy to post them here.


I haven’t reported on Robin’s fins in awhile. I have to now because of the XLR8 fins.

I have tried almost all of Robin's fins and almost all of them are a drastic improvement over standard dolphin fins. Last spring I started using XLR8's in the back of a quad and SK8's in the front. This is very much an improvement over the XTC/WTF quad I really liked.

But then I made an 8’0” mini tank and asked Robin to make me a XLR8 center fin for it. It worked so good as a thruster I got him to make a GEARBOX center fin and my world has been changed for ever. I started trying XLR8 thruster setup in my favorite Brds. Awesome!

So I tried them in my least favorite Brds. Awesome! So I tried them in my Brds I thought didn’t work. Awesome!

So to summarize. I have tried them in everything from a sml fish, short brd, step up brd, mini tank, guns, and tow brd. All of them work awesome!

I am surfing better, with more confidence, and way more fun than ever.

Mitch Haynie, Hanalei, Kauai, JAN 2020


I tried a set of 4 fins about a year ago and have to admit I was hooked from the first wave I caught. Smooth fast and quick in and out of turns. They added another dimension to 4 fins a already fast rail to rail design just gave it more punch and a new feel that was exciting.

Having ridden and been hooked on rail to rail on standups and kneeboards since the early seventies with designs from Aipa & The Campbell Brothers Bonza. George Greenough with his Flex and Steve Liz fish tail keels since the late 60's designs that lead to the Australian twin fin in the mid to late seventies that was to change surfing.

It has lead to todays multi fin systems. Shorter wider boards that now need main fins on the rail with nubs - keels in front or behind - three fins with small pivot fins - quad fins - twinzers - 5 fin the variety is endless Hanalei fins have given me now a complete new range of fins for todays modern multi fin boards The stereotype will still tell you nothing to beat a three fin or on the other side 4 fin or quad. No nothing beats a change and multi fin systems give you that much against a lot of manufacturers.

HANALEI fins have given me a new direction on shaping and I know a lot of kneeboarders that are trying them and enjoying.

Thanks Robin & Lance as I know what it is to be criticized and laughed at for pushing the boundaries and limits of designs like many other designers.


Peter "The Friar" Ware, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (from Facebook)


Started using Hanalei Fins HRD-KORE (models: QS-L and QBS-M) fins after suggestion from Alan Bruce from Native Kneeboards to give them a go as it would open surfing to new ways as regarding performance; speed on turns on short walled waves where you want to surf in the pocket and drive when needed if it gets bigger (by reversing them front to back). I was also using cdrives to mix it up when needed, which on the native board works great.

It’s all about experimenting the fins on different waves and setups. Also found that some old boards are getting a new life just from swapping fins. Been going on lefts with more confidence and drive… as normally the body tends to go right :)

Hanalei Fins are built to the best standards, and lighter. Lancelot Pearson and Robin Mair are doing a very good job allowing our boards to go to new places and there is a very good crowd testing the new designs.

Compared to the big names in the market Hanalei is up front in the game.

Looking forward to test the new XTC 5” flipped tips + WTF 4.25” as quad and thruster setup.

Save some pennies and make yourself a favour and give them a go!

Flavio Viana, United Kingdom (from Facebook)


Hi Lance and Robin, just wanted to give some feedback on your fins.

I live in Bali so I am lucky enough to have a wide variety of waves and conditions to explore. My Knee Pro stick is a Rocket 5’11” and loves the Q’s. So fast with loads of drive and super responsive. I was surfing Keramas the other day and 2 guys pulled me up out of the water wanting to chat. They were blown away how fast a kneeboard was going and were very interested in the fins/setup. That’s my favourite combo, I make sections on waves I never used to be able to make and overall they have an amazing feel of control.

The other board is a 6’2” Neil Luke Freak. Wow what a board. I had the Gearbox boxes installed and they are a quality piece of kit. I usually run the XPD’s on this board. I was at Medewi in west Bali last month and classic conditions 6-8’ clean glassy perfection 4 guys out. I ran the large XPD front fin and needed more drive so I put The Hammers H3 in the rear. Best surf of my life, the turns I was making and flow I had was awesome fun. I got a ride 500metres ++ from the furthest point right into the beach. They made a massive difference and delivered incredible speed, hold and drive. Overall I can’t speak highly enough of fins and can’t wait to take delivery of a new set of XTC ‘s when they’re ready. Off to Simeulue Island off northern Sumatra in June/July so can’t wait to give them a run on some new waves.

Many thanks.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

Greg Haynes, Bali


Started surfing at 13, and shaping since 1979. Have tried many different shapes and fins. A couple of years ago I was encouraged by a couple of kneeboarders from the East Coast of Victoria to try out the Hanalei type fins.

Wow do I owe them big time!

Now having used most of their range of fin styles it has totally changed my outlook on board performance. Do yourselves a huge favour, at least try a style or two because it's like giving your board a new lease of life. Speed, powerful turns with control are immediately evident. This isn't a paid advertisement, but a sharing of stoke and a new improved outlook of what works. I'm a kneerider and my board in the picture is my present favourite. Q2-XLs with flip tips in front, NRG smalls as rears and a smaller NRG trailer. I have shared several of the Hanalei fin types with my surf buddies and they have all got on the bus. Checkout the Gearbox and Hanalei fins and boxes and dare to be different because you won't be disappointed.

The boards just seem to move through the water faster, come off the bottom with grunt but still releases off the top with no stick.

Cheers Robin Mair and Lancelot Pearson, you guys have changed lots of crews worlds!

Lee Slaven, Torquay, Victoria (from Facebook)


I’ve been riding a lot of Hanalei Fins lately and have really enjoyed the ride. I keep coming back to these FTX (now XTC) fins.

Everything is so positive. Nothing to compensate for. No bobble. No stalls. Just amazing drive and control. I’ve used them in my short Brds, fun Brds, guns, and tow Brds.

All the Brds I rode they worked flawlessly and have definitely improved my surfing.

Thx Robin and your expert design and foiling.

Mitch Haynie - Mitchin Surfboards, Kauai (from Facebook)

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