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This page contains a collection of fin layout guides for different types of boards and fin setups. These guides can be freely downloaded to serve as a starting point for determining your own custom layout.

These layout guides provide information on the positioning of fins for various types of fin setups. They are not specif to any given board length as they are only intended to serve as a starting point. It is left to the builder to determine their preferred layout.

A downloadable Fin Setup Primer has also been added to these guides. It should be helpful in gaining a better understanding of fin layout in general.

QUAD Layout
QUAD fin Layout
5FIN Layout
5FIN fin Layout
5FIN fin Layout
2PLUS1 Layout
2PLUS1 Fin Layout
Kneeboard QUAD
QUAD Kneeboard Fin Layout
Kneeboard 5FIN
QUAD Kneeboard Fin Layout
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