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Ultimate A4C Quad Setup

We have always been partial to a quad setup that utilizes the Hammer fin design as the back fin. Here is the latest version of that combo.

June 12, 2020

Ultimate A4C Quad Setup

The addition of one of the Hammer designs as a back fin in a quad setup adds another dimension to the functionality of the quad setup. The Hammer design adds area in the tip for increased drive and hold, while keeping a narrow base to still allow great turning ability from the setup.

The above photo shows the latest version of this setup utilizing the A4C-500 as the main fin and the H6-400 as the back fin. The Hammer fin design is one of our most under appreciated fins, probably due to the strange appearance of the design. But once you try these fins you cannot believe want a difference they make. They add a lot of versatility to a quad setup.

This particular setup utilizes the very latest version of the Hammer design, which has recently been updated to be even more compatible with many of our more recent designs. In this case it is coupled with the new A4C-500 design and it is a perfect match in our minds.

This combo has received extensive testing over the winter and it has proven to be very versatile in all types of conditions and wave heights. It reinforces the reasons we have always favored this setup, which is the increased versatility without sacrificing any performance characteristics.

Due to the enhanced shape of the H6 it is now a lot less likely to snag leashes or kelp than the original versions. Plus the updated design of the throat gives it a lot more power.

Both of the fins in the photo feature SUPER PHAT FOILS where a 1/2" thick panel was utilized to foil the fins, so they have really full foils coupled with deep inside HOLOFOILS!

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