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Proposed Next Version of Hammer Fin

After creating the KAHI-400H Hammer-style fin we decided to revisit the mainstream Hammer design. This is currently where we stand with the H7-400!



Proposed Next Version of Hammer Fin

The KAHI-400H Hammer-style fin worked out really well in our testing, so we decided to meld some of the ideas into a revised version of the mainstream Hammer design, say hello to the H7!

This version preserves some of the narrow throat design as the KAHI but fills it in more to provide a little more area. It also features a completely different style of foil than previous versions, on both sides of the fin. The blade carries its thickness right to the underside producing a much better foil throughout the blade.

The throat is also more foiled through the use of a radical bevel at the trailing edge on the outside face of the fin.

The inside HOLOFOIL is also radically different than previous versions, with a lot deeper foil and with the trailing edge opening up along the bottom and the bottom corner of the blade. This provides more cupping in the foil to improve bite and the shape now does a better job of directing the water flow down and out the underside of the blade. This is very similar to what is used in the KAHI version.

The drawing shows a comparison between the H7 (GREEN), H6 (RED), and KAHI (BLUE). All of them feature a very similar amount of rake. the leading edge bulb has been reduced on the H7 to minimize kelp or leash catchment. The blade shape has also been tweaked on the H7 as has the design of the throat, which is now a lot narrower than the H6 but not as radical as the KAHI.

H7-400 Fin Design
H7-400 Fin Design

We have just started the testing on this new template, the first fin being tested is a center fin version. Next up we will start testing a set of side fins as back fins in a quad setup.

All of this is being driven by our desire to add a new Hammer design to the HRD-KORE range, so we are trying to test the three main contenders shown in the drawing in order to assist in making a decision. The hope is that the H7 could be the middle ground between the H6 and the KAHI extremes. Although we really like the KAHI so far, we'll see how the H7 stacks up!

Stay tuned!

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