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New Fin Design - DIVINE (DV9) Series

It is early in a new month so there is no reason not to introduce a new fin design.


New Fin Design - DIVINE (DV9) Series

DV9-500 TWIN
DV9-500 TWIN

We can hear people saying "what another new design", yes we have a hard time containing ourselves but this is something that has been brewing for a long time and it finally came to fruition.

The motive of this design was to get back to a wing-like design that would be super-efficient at lift generation. It would forego any use of FLIP TIPS to keep the construction and costs under control, but also to try and achieve similar performance characteristics to the FLIP TIP fins that are very similar (DV8). The design adds more rake to improve projection, increased area for the additional drive, and a more distinct cutaway to keep the fin loose!

These changes were also made to satisfy another important goal, which is to make the design a lot easier to manufacture. We can attest to the fact that this fin is WAY easier to foil, even though it features a very pronounced HOLOFOIL. The HOLOFOIL runs all the way from the base right through the tip of the fin. Most of the improved manufacturability comes from the fact that the outline features either straight or slightly curved lines.

The design of the inside HOLOFOILS on these fins is very different from what we normally do. The trailing edge detail photo attempts to show some of how these HOLOFOILS are set up. The hollow foil is set up so that the trailing edge at the tip of the cutaway is outset from the inner face, see photo. This helps flatten out the foil at the base of the fin creating a more "natural" foil. The reason for this is to ease the water flow along the base to speed things up.

DV9-500 Trailing Edge Detail
DV9-500 Trailing Edge Detail

Very hard to exactly describe this new HOLOFOIL, but once it is seen in person it will make a lot of sense. The shape in the bottom half of this design should provide more drive and a better surface to push against in a turn.

This design also employs a different cutaway style compared to our normal cutaways, with this one being reversed. This is all part of the effort to make the fins easier to foil, and this makes a huge difference when making the HOLOFOILS!

The design still employs our PHAT FOILS to allow us to have nice full foils through the entire length of the fin.

We are still working on fleshing out the range for this new design, to date, there is the 500 shown, but there is also a 413 (less sweep angle) that will serve as the main back fin in a quad setup. Additionally, there are 463, 538, and 563 templates along with a 350CN canard fin design. In the coming days, we will add photos of some of these additional templates as we get them made up.

The question everyone probably has, "when do I use this fin and in what type of board?".

The intent is that this design is a very general-purpose design, but like many of our other wing-like designs, these fins have a low area for their height (less drag, more speed). They make up for the lack of area by being highly efficient and capable of self-generating speed. The shape of the outline lends itself too easy turning so these fins are going to be highly maneuverable. The cutaway assists with this by keeping the base length short and making it easier to "break" the fin base water flow when initiating a turn.

Like many of our quad designs these fins can be switched around to a reverse quad to gain more projection in larger waves. They can also be ridden as thrusters with any one of the side fin templates able to be used as a center fin, so there is no dedicated center fin design for this series!

Of course, we are super excited about this new design and hope to share a lot more info on them as we move forward with the design.

DV9 Standard Quad
DV9 Standard Quad

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