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Latest Fin Design Updates!

Time to re-visit some existing designs again!

June 03, 2020

Latest Fin Design Updates!

Firstly, we have taken a fresh look at out existing NRG design and based on recent feedback have made some design changes that we feel are going to modernize the design and give it increased versatility. We have designed a full range of sizes that current span 4.25" through to 5.50" in 1/4" increments, plus there is also a 3.00" trailer fin design. We will eventually add some smaller versions but these are the current sizes.

So far we have made up a set of the 4.75", as shown in the photos, and we are very happy with how these are looking. The changes to the shape of the throat of the fin have allowed us too greatly improve the HOLOFOIL on the inside face, which will improve the speed and performance of the fins.

The basic changes are;

  • throat wider and more parallel in shape, with a cutaway
  • shallower blade to improve maneuverability and reduce drag
  • slight extension of the blade to improve holding power

The revised design retains the exact same leading edge outline as the previous design so there is no change in the rake.

For now this new design is being called the NRG2!

NRG Comparison
NRG Comparison

The image above shows a comparison between the NRG2 and the older NRG, both at the 5.25" size.

We have successfully completed the design and testing cycle on the new A4C range, and we are extremely happy with the results. This is a solid new design that should appeal to a wide range of surfers. We can’t wait to get it into production as an addition to our HRD-KORE range.

Based on our experience with this new design we decided to investigate a range of SINGLE fins based on the A4C template. The attached photo shows the first of these, which is the A4C-550S, this is a really cool looking fin and we have high hopes for it. The design does not have a lot of flex so the fin should be very responsive and will provide good holding power and drive.

The design is not a direct scaling of the A4C template, but instead is based more on the A4C center fin design that features a more extended blade. This template extends the blade a little further to increase the holding power, and also to allow the fin to be placed further forward on the board for more looseness.

Once we get some testing done on this new fin we will report back on how it is meeting the design goals, although based on our experience with the A4C center fins we have a high degree of confidence in this new template.



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