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HANALEI FINS is constantly looking for ways to improve both the quality and durability of our fins. Not only are we pushing the envelope on the design front we are always thinking about how we can improve the quality.

May 19, 2020


One of the hardest problems for us has been dealing with the inherent design limitations of the DUAL TAB fin system. It is almost impossible to make these DUAL TAB bases bulletproof as the system was designed to fail under load. The best solution we have discovered is that a solid fiberglass base is the second most durable option. The best option is G-10 as it is so much stronger than anything else, but it is not suitable for a molded fin, and as a custom fin it is both costly and time consuming to foil.

So we have spent time exploring other options for our molded fins, the first of these options is a solid fiberglass fin as shown in the above photo, These are our Q2 QUAD fins and as the photo shows they look awesome in solid fiberglass. This option is slightly heavier than the regular DUAL CARBON SORIC RTM fins that we produce, the difference in weight is 9 grams, which is a very small amount given the improved durability of the base.

The other option we have been exploring is the use of EPOXY resins instead of POLYESTER in the DUAL CARBON molded fins. By using epoxy we are hoping the improved toughness and flexibility will enhance the durability. In the process, we have also changed the amount of carbon used to strengthen the base of the fin. The carbon is now interleaved with the fiberglass in order to improve the flexural strength in the base.

Now that we have samples of these two new construction methods we are planning to perform some destructive tests in order to quantify the durability of each approach, these will be tested against our existing construction method. Once we have this data we will be able to make a more informed decision as to how to proceed going forward. At the moment we are leaning towards the solid fiberglass approach as we end up with a great looking fin that is stronger!

The goal of all this work is to improve the overall quality and durability of our HRD-KORE fin range!

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