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Introducing the new fin designs that will be added to the HRD-KORE range for 2021!




After much effort and a lot of testing, we have finally settled on the next fin designs that will be added to the HRD-KORE range of RTM molded fins.

We are hoping this will be the first batch as we have a few others that we would like to see added as well.

We are looking at early 2021 to see these in full production as we are only now embarking on the process of creating the molds and then make some test runs.

Here is a rundown of the designs that will make up this new range.

  • A4C-425 - small fin primarily aimed at use as a back fin in a quad setup
  • A4C-450 - mid-sized fin for use as either a small thruster or smaller quad setup
  • A4C-500 - the large size that will serve as the primary large thruster and quad fin
  • A4C-550 - extra-large size for use as a twin fin or in a twinzer setup
  • A4C-500CK - standard KAHI cutaway thruster center fin
  • A4C-450CK - mid-size KAHI cutaway thruster center fin
  • KAHI-350CN - canard-style fin for use in a twinzer setup with any of our larger fins, the base has an extra 6┬║ cant
  • KAHI-400L - back fin for a quad setup, designed to work with many of our other fins
  • 4Q-500CK - elliptical center fin with KAHI cutaway, primarily a center fin for the Q2, works well with the A4C

These new fins are on their way to the factory, once they arrive the process of making molds will begin. Once the molds are completed we will test a sampling of these fins, before ordering a large number of production fins. The hope is to have the samples by the first of the year and the production run by mid-March!

All of these new fins are going to use a solid fiberglass construction method to produce the strongest possible DUAL TAB bases, these solid fiberglass fins will use different TINTS to differentiate the various series of fins. For the fins shown, the A4C will be an AMBER TINT, the KAHI will be OPAQUE BLACK, and the 4Q will be a RED TINT.

All of these fins will be available with GEARBOX, DUAL TAB, and FUTURES bases.

Each line has a logo, which will be used on the fin to identify the design and height of the fin. This style of branding is being standardized across all of our existing HRD-KORE fins as part of the process of adding these new designs. The logos for these new fins are on the bottom of the photo, above.

It has taken a lot of effort to get to this point, we are stoked to be finally starting the process.

We realize there are probably a large number of other fins that people would have liked to go into production. Hopefully, we can do more, these were chosen because they have tested well, and the majority of them are likely to appeal to the largest possible group of people.

We are going to be adding a keel fin to the mix very soon, once we complete a little more testing of the newer designs. Joining this keel fin will be the PWR fin that will serve as a nurse fin. It is also intended to be used with many of our other fins to add power.

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