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H6 Hammer Fin Update!

Awhile back we announced that we had started working on a new Hammer design called the H6. We are stoked to post a small report on how the testing of this new design is progressing.

May 21, 2020

H6 Hammer Fin Update!

The motivation behind this redesign was focused on enhancing the compatibility of the Hammer series with some of our newer fin designs like the XLR8, 4Q, and A4C. So the design has incorporated some of our more recent thinking based on experience working on these new designs.

Due to the nature of the design we also reduced some of the area so that the power of the fin was better balanced with some of these newer designs and would allow the H6 to serve as a companion fin with a wide variety of sizes of the newer designs. Not that it is restricted to those designs, it has just been optimized to work hand in hand with them.

So far the testing has revealed that even though this fin has a lot less area than the most recent H5 design, it is every bit as powerful and possibly even more powerful.

Most of the testing has been with the A4C templates as that had been the fin that had been the original target for this redesign. Testing has been on a wide range of conditions and so far in bigger surf it has become apparent that the H6 can be coupled with a fairly small A4C and still deliver a ton of power. The smallest combo to date has been the A4C-413 coupled with the H6-400. But it has been tested with the A4C-450, even more power, and finally it is also being tested with the A4C-500.

In smaller surf the testing was done on a fish and the results were really impressive, this setup went anywhere on the wave you wanted to go with authority, speed, and drive!

The usage scenario for the H6 fins is fairly wide, they are primarily intended to be used as back fins in a quad setup. But they work well in a reverse quad setup, as side bites in a 2PLUS1 setup, or even as side fins in a thruster setup. The design was tweaked to reduce one of the downsides to the previous versions, which was the tendency to catch kelp and leashes, this tweak allows them to be better suited to use as front or side fins.

We are feeling very confident about this new design and are comfortable predicting that it will definitely find a place in our range!

We have finalized testing the H6 with the A4C-500 and it is nothing but smooth sailing, they worked really well in small surf with nothing bad to report - fast, powerful, and driving turns!

A4C-500 & H6-400 Test Rig

Test Rig Setup with A4C-500 and H6-400

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