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FLX Design Refinements

There continue to be refinements made to the FLX single fin design, with the new version 9 we feel we now have a final candidate for this design.


FLX Design Refinements

We continue to work on refinements to the outline of the FLX template, this is the latest v9 version. The major changes are that the mast portion of the fin has been widened to provide a little more drive.

The underside of the blade also had the curve refined to have a better flow into the TOMAHAWK TIP. These changes have had a big impact on the smaller sizes as now the mast does not look as skinny and the drive and hold of the fin have been improved. The consensus so far is that the changes have improved the fin and it also seems that smaller sizes can be used than with the older version. This is most likely due to the increase in the area of the mast.

Some minor changes were also made to the way that the TOMAHAWK TIP was foiled to provide a little more power out of the tip. It is now foiled very flat so that there is better resistance when pushing the fin through a turn. Not only does this provide better feel but it allows more flex to be induced into the fin and a corresponding pop when the fin releases.

These recent changes have led us to believe that we now have a final design for the FLX that we feel is going to make it an ideal 2PLUS1 or single fin. Next we will look into getting these into production so that we can make them more widely available.

Here is a comparison between the last version (v8) and this new one (v9), with the dotted line being the v8 version.

FLX-550 v/v9 Comparison
FLX-550 v/v9 Comparison

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