We will be using this blog to keep people informed about what is going on with HANALEI FINS and what we are working on for the future.

The posts will not be posted on a regular schedule but we will try to keep them as frequent as possible, and with information that is relevant to anything and everything HANALEI FINS!

A4C-350CN Canard Twin

We continue to work on additional templates for the A4C range, this is the latest one. A canard fin for use in twinzer setups, and also as a trailing fin in a twin fin setup where a little additional stability is required.

May 23, 2020

A4C-350CN Canard Twin

The small canard fin is an ideal compliment with the A4C-500 or A4C-550 in a twinzer setup.

An additional 6º of cant is built into the base of the fin so that 14º can be achieved when placed in an 8º box. The template is purposely pushed back on the base in order to get the fin closer to the back fin. The design features a PHAT FOIL as well as a strong inside hollow foil.

This template is also intended to be used as a trailing back fin for a twin fin setup when a little more smoothness and stability are needed, makes the twin fin a little less twitchy!


Twinzer Setup with A4C-350CN and A4C-500

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