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surfer: Lance Carleton
photo: 18seconds/Andy Morris




Our CUSTOM fin range is broken into several design series, much like the CNC or HRD-KORE ranges.

Each series will be detailed separately with the information presented on the available templates, dimensional information, and combinations. Due to the number of fins sizes and the various base choices, the purchasing info is presented differently than the CNC and HRD-KORE ranges.

The choices are grouped under the type of bases required for the fins. Within each base choice, a SIZE dropdown allows the fin's height to be selected from the available option. Then there is a COLOR dropdown for choosing the appropriate color from the available options. Finally, based on the preferences, the fin's price will be reflected in the BUY NOW button.

All FUTURES base choices will add US$15.00 per fin for the base to the overall price.

Clicking on the DETAILS buttons will expand the view to show details about the respective fin series.

K9 Series

The latest generation of our family of keel designs - K9! This fin is also used in the K9/PWR combo. It takes our original KCS keel fin and updates it with several improvements.

The overall base length has been shortened to reduce tracking, but the most significant change is the introduction of the KAHI (cutaway). This reasonably extreme cutaway helps loosen up the design while leaving the fin with plenty of drive. In addition, by reducing the base length and adding the KAHI, we reduce drag, making the fin faster.

As with most of our new designs, these fins have PHAT FOILS and HOLOFOILS on the inside faces. The trailing edge of the fin is also cambered to help focus the water flow through the center of the fin.

These fins work very well and are an excellent choice for a twin fin, in larger sizes, and also for fishes, where they can be combined with the PWR fin for an even more powerful setup.

K9 Series

K9 Series Details

F8 Series
K9 Series
K9 Custom Side Fins

Currently, the K9 series is only made in three sizes, all with KAHI's. As shown in the K9/PWR combo, the middle size is used.

The larger version is used for twin fins and fishes, and the smallest version is best suited for a smaller combo with the PWR back fin or possibly as a side fin in a thruster setup. It could also be combined with a different template in a quad setup.



height: 4.00" [101mm] base: 3.49" [89mm] area: xx.xx in2 [xx.xxcm2]


height: 4.50" [114mm] base: 3.93" [100mm] area: xx.xx in2 [xx.xxcm2]


height: 5.00" [127mm] base: 4.37" [111mm] area: xx.xx in2 [xx.xxcm2]


Price includes fin bag and key

Custom fins with FUTURES bases will see an additional charge of $15 per base added to the total cost



K9 Fin Combinations

The primary combo for this fin is shown in the K9/PWR section. Otherwise, these fins are meant to be used by themselves.

Additional combinations could also be created by mixing them with other fins.

Also available from our distributor

F8 Series

This is the latest series we have been working on. It is loosely based on the DV9 design but with the added tip extension. Most of the designs in this series feature a slight flip in the tip as well, called the FLIPTWO.

This new design is a high-performance fin that handles various conditions. It features our PHAT FOILS and HOLOFOILS, with the FLIPTWO allowing for more efficient HOLOFOILS. In addition, extending the tip gives the fin a lot more feel later into the turn while also providing a better pivot point.

The main body of the fin is more wing-like than the typical fin and allows the fin to be very efficient at generating lift and thereby creating forward momentum.

Due to how the FLIPTWO is implemented, the fin profile features a distinctive taper from the base to the transition to the flip. The FLIPTWO is, in turn, a lot thinner than our first-generation flips. We are minimizing the risks of cavitation. There is also a slight hollowing of the inside face of the flip to give it a little more bite in a turn.

Two dedicated center fin designs feature even more prominent tips to give them greater holding power and feel in the water. In addition, these center fins have very distinctive foils that differentiate between the throat and blade of the fin.

F8 Series

F8 Series Details

F8 Series
F8 Series
F8 Custom Side Fins

Currently, the F8 series consists of seven sizes of side fins, most with FLIPTWO tips.

The wide range of sizes makes selecting an optimal quad, thruster, or twinzer setup easy. Two separate center fins can be used to set up the thruster setups.



height: 3.50" [89mm] base: 2.875" [73mm] area: 7.23 in2 [46.65 cm2]


height: 4.00" [114mm] base: 2.875" [73mm] area: 8.80 in2 [56.77 cm2]


height: 4.25" [108mm] base: 2.875" [73mm] area: 9.28 in2 [59.87 cm2]


height: 4.50" [114mm] base: 2.875" [73mm] area: 10.32 in2 [66.58 cm2]


height: 4.75" [121mm] base: 2.875" [73mm] area: 11.40 in2 [73.55 cm2]


height: 5.00" [127mm] base: 2.875" [73mm] area: 12.73 in2 [82.13 cm2]


height: 5.50" [140mm] base: 2.875" [73mm] area: 14.23 in2 [91.81 cm2]


Price includes fin bag and key

Custom fins with FUTURES bases will see an additional charge of $15 per base added to the total cost



F8 Fin Combinations

Given the wide range of sizes in this series we could not crreate all the possible combinations, but these are the standard ones.

Additional combinations can also be created by mixing them with other fins, some of which are also shown here.

Also available from our distributor

CUSTOM Price List

5FIN Set
FUTURES Base Extra per fin
FLIPTWO Tips Extra per fin

All prices subject to change without notice

The pricing shown is for custom fiberglass fins. G10 or hybrid fins extra.

Custom fin manufacturing is a minimum of 4 - 8 weeks


HANALEI FINS cannot guarantee against the breakage of dual tab bases. The DUAL TAB system is designed to break under specific loads or hard impacts.

We try to make the tabs as strong as possible, but there is only so much we can do before we run into the limitations of the base design.

If a DUAL TAB base does break, we will work with the customer to replace the fins at a reduced price, but we cannot outright replace the fins at no charge!


HANALEI FINS cannot sell individual side fins should you lose a side fin, as it means we have to break up a set of fins. So we are left with a fin that we have little chance of selling by itself.

If a fin is lost, we will work with the customer by selling a set of replacement fins at a reduced price. These replacement fins would not be in a bag to keep the cost down!


For anyone interested in our fins featuring FLIP TIPS, please be aware that these fins are sensitive to the amount of toe-in used in the box setup, so it is worth checking with us.

We have encountered several cases where fin boxes set up with excessive toe-in have caused issues with fins featuring FLIP TIPS. We want to ensure there are no problems with our fins. Therefore we are offering to verify that they will work in the setup on any given board before buying any of these fins.

Before you order any of these fins, if you are unsure whether they will work on your board, please CONTACT us so we can ensure they will work for you!

Advanced fin designs to take your surfing to the next level.


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