Q5 Update!

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March 04, 2022

This winter has seen a lot more testing of the Q5 series with the hopes of finalizing the design and the various sizes. We are now very happy with what we have and are moving forward with the series.

Q5-500 TWIN
Q5-500 TWIN
Q5-500K TWIN
Q5-500K TWIN

There has been a lot of testing of the Q5 template going on and also a lot of custom version made. Additionally, we have used this template to test out a new approach for making a stronger DUAL TAB base by utilizing a CNC machine to machine a pocket into the inside face of the fin, into which a piece of G10 is inlaid for a lot more strength in the tabs. So far the limited testing we have done with this approach indicates that the bases have a lot less flex and are way stronger.

Other testing has involved testing out larger sizes and also more versions utilizing a KAHI. All of these have worked out well enough that we are glad to state that we have finalized the Q5 design.

Now the process will begin to bring them into production but this is going to be different than our current RTM molded fins as we want these to be more of a premium line. We are not ready to spill the beans on this new line just yet but will do so shortly. This new line will also incorporate some of our other designs, such as the A4C and Q2!

More to come!

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