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May 08, 2022NEW DESIGN

At the end of every surf season here in Hawaii it seems we come up with an idea for a new design. We then spend the rest of the year waiting for the surf to return so that we can do extensive testing on the design.

F8-500 TWIN Design
F8-500 TWIN Design

This time we are going to play it a little different with this design, instead of doing the primary testing here in Hawaii we are going to send the fins to Australia for testing during their winter surf season.

The first version of this new design we will be testing is the F8-500!

This design is another one of our mashups where we have taken the DV9 template and added an old BOP-style extension to the tip of the fin. The tip is also borrowed from the XTC-463C center fins that carries a similar type of tip. The idea behind this extension is to be able to inject a little more feel and drive late into a turn. The DV9 was always a highly efficient fin due to the more wing-like shape of the blade that was a good lift generator. We wanted to retain that characteristic while adding a little something extra, which the tip extension brings to the design.

The other thing about this design that is a little more unique is that it has a partial FLIP TIP, due to the fact that the fin is made out of a PHAT FOILS panel we have enough thickness to play with to add a partial flip without needing to build out the tip to achieve a more extreme angle. This has two very substantial benefits, first, it makes the production process a lot less tedious, second, it means that this fin could be produced on the CNC machine as it does not require a special build out on the panel.

Of course the primary motive though for adding some flip is that this puts the tip of the fin and the extension in a more vertical position late into a turn giving the fin a lot more feel in the turn and more drive out of the turn.

F8-500 TWIN Trailing Edge Detail
F8-500 TWIN Trailing Edge Detail

The photo above shows the trailing edges of the fins when placed together. Shows how the blade opens up at the bottom (more speed) and the flips in the tips. The fin features a strong HOLOFOIL and particularly in the tip where it will be almost cupped to provide more grab when pushed to help with drive out of the turn. The tips are purposely kept very thin for more speed and less chance of cavitation.

There is also a smaller version of the fin planned, but unlike most of our designs, this one is not a scaled down version of the 500, instead it has a very similar tip extension but the main body of the fin is a little wider in order to still fit on our standard base width. This makes it excellent as a rear fin in a quad setup where it can contribute to the drive. The tip on this fin will not however be flipped, its role is different than the larger versions.

F8-500 TWIN Wing
F8-500 TWIN Wing

Once we get a little testing in with this design we will report back with the findings!

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