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May 02, 2022NEW

We keep working on the design for the next generation of our Hammer design, we think this is what we have been looking for, as it strikes the right balance between our previous versions and recent designs.

H8-400 Hammer Design 2022
H8-400 Hammer Design 2022

This design has actually been in the works for awhile and has finally reached the stage where we are ready to move forward with it!

With this version of the template we are aiming for a balance between some of the more recent versions and the original H5. This one features a narrower but longer upper blade. The throat is also taller in an attempt to generate a little bit of lift in addition to enhancing the turning ability of the design.

The foiling is very similar to that of the H7 but it is handled very differently in the throat with a more abrupt drop-off at the trailing edge, in order to cheat the water into flowing further back off the throat.

Likewise, the upper blade carries its foiling all the way down the blade from top to bottom. There is a strong HOLOFOIL that is a little cupped in the blade to provide a little more bite during a turn and to keep the water flow attached.

Mainly, the optimizations are more aimed at the area of the fins and providing better balance between the throat and the blade. This is especially true when compared to the H5 which had a much narrower throat and a more substantial blade.

Testing to date has verified all of these changes, but we are continuing to now test the design coupled with some of our newer front fins like the A4C and the Q5 to make sure they bring value to these combos. This has always been the strength of the Hammer design, bringing something extra to a quad setup when used as the back fin!

Stay tuned!

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