F8-463C Center Fin Design

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May 13, 2022NEW DESIGN

This is the first version of the center fin design to compliment the F8-500 side fins. The design is similar in profile but it has a much larger tip in order to create a little more power, hold, and feel!

F8-463C Center Fin Design
F8-463C Center Fin Design

The foiling on this fin is very different from your typical center fin as there is a distinct fence at the base of the tip. This helps keep the water channeled over the main body of the fin. Also allows the tip to be more flat-sided to contribute a little more drive.This is similar to some of our more recent Hammer fins that feature this type of foiling on the upper blade.

It is hard to show this foiling in the photo but if you look at the lines you can see it.

This template was purposely made a little smaller than the corresponding side fins so that it can be pushed around a little more if needed. Also, the smaller size was selected to reduce drag for more speed.

Next up we will be making the first version of the smaller back fin for a quad fin setup to compliment the F8-500!

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