CUSTOM Store Re-opening!

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March 04, 2022

HANDFOILER has just about completed the recovery process from cataract surgery so we are very close to reopening the CUSTOM store.


It has now been 3 weeks since Robin had cataract eye surgery so the recovery process is almost over. The whole thing has gone really well and we will soon be able to get the CUSTOM store back online.

We have not been idle during this down time as there has been a lot of work going on to prepare for some other major changes that are happening with our distribution of the GEARBOX and HANALEI FINS in Australia. We hope to have a much more detailed announcement on this very soon. Some of it has been announced on Facebook.

There has also been stuff going on with tweaks to GEARBOX, which will also be published in detail on the GEARBOX website once we have completed all of the testing of these changes and finalized the changes.

Of course it would also not be a normal winter if we did not have a new design up our sleeves, keep an eye out for this new design coming shortly to this blog and Facebook.

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