Another Q5 Update!

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March 24, 2022RECENT

Now that we have finalized most of the Q5 series of templates we have been doing a little experimenting with their construction. This is the latest, an inlayed floral concept that allows us to get a very clean outline on the inlay.

Q5-500 TWIN
Q5-500 TWIN

It is a fairly time consuming approach but it does create an extremely clean looking fin. Normally this cannot be achieved with a floral inlay that is just mixed in with the layup of the panel as the floral inlay does not end up flat enough to create a clean outline when foiled.

Our approach here was to take 2 thinner panels of CLEAR that had already been laid up and then sandwiching the FLORAL inlay between them and clamping the whole mess together to ensure that the inlay was dead flat.

Worked out really well giving us a new option for making a highly customized fin that looks insane!

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