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April 12, 2022NEW

Changes to the distribution of HANALEI FINS and GEARBOX Surf in Australia (and the rest of the world), see details.


A bit of news we thought we would share with you.

With the retirement of Lance Pearson, who ran the Hanalei Fins Australian Subsidiary, Sanded Australia is stoked to announce that they have acquired the Australian distribution of Hanalei Fins and Gearbox Surf.

Hanalei Fins/ Gearbox Surf is the brainchild of Robin Mair (Creator of ProBox Fin System and Mair Surfboards). The Company started over 20 years ago, driven by Robin's deep interest in fin design that had always been present throughout his entire surfboard building career (over 50 years and still shaping). With his belief that a "surfboard cannot be designed independently of the fins that will be used on the board", the brand steadily grew. Today Hanalei Fins are known around the world for their independent designs and amazing performance fins.

When we first started Sanded Australia - we approached Robin to stock and supply Hanalei and Gearbox products to our customers. Throughout the years we have worked closely on some co-products and designs that has helped build a great relationship between our companies, so when the chance came to take on the distribution we jumped at the opportunity.

Lance has been amazing establishing the Hanalei Range out in Australia, we want to build on this and work on some exciting ideas and opportunities for the brand going forward.

John Dowse of Sanded Australia

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