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WNG Wing Fin Assembly S3

WNG Wing Fin Assembly S3

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Finally, the bulked out wing fin blank.

After adding the extra pieces of material to the tips of the wings we are now ready to start creating the wing profile.

More Block WNG Fin Blanks

This involved tapering the wing blocks up to the top (bottom) tips and tapering from the tip to the base plate on the top (bottom).

This is a tricky part of the process as the taper has to be flat and square in order to layout the foil for the wing. Makes a lot of dust doing this, going to have to figure out how I can get my CNC machine to handle the blocking of the taper. Using it will likely make the taper more accurate. But with the CNC there is always a little experimenting involved, so I'd be nervous doing it with a fin blank as you could lose the whole thing.

Just finished another WNG fin today and part way through another. Three more to go!

Friday June 2nd, 2023
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