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A4C-500BW TWIN v2


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We continue to work on the BLENDED-WING update to the A4C-500.

The latest version of the A4C-500BW has some refinements from the first version. We started by moving the bend down slightly further on the fin.

We have also adjusted the shape of the cutaway to make it a little more friendly for cutting FUTURES bases.

Additionally, the foils have been further refined to improve performance.

The original version has been getting a lot of testing, and the consensus now is that these BLENDED-WING versions of the A4C are significantly better than the original design. These have recently been tested on a tow-in session with excellent results.

So we are confident that these design changes will move the A4C series forward. To that end, we will make up samples to send to the factory to implement these changes on all new versions of these templates. The updated A4C series will include the A4C-500 and A4C-550.

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