Revised XLR8-350CN v3 Fin Design

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The last post introduced the XLR8-300TS design that featured a new take on how we construct the flips on these canard-style fins. We have carried those design ideas over to the XLR8-350CN canard fin that now features the flip extending almost from the base of the fin. It makes for a much more interesting design and puts it more in line with the intent behind a canard fin.

The new design gives us roughly 14º of flip (or cant) in the blade of the fin, which is more than we used to be able to achieve with the old style of making canards fins by building 10º of cant into the base of the fin.

One of the things we are excited about with this revised design is that it has created a really clean looking template that will work with many of our other designs. This means when we put this template into production it will serve as the canard fin for the Q2, Q3, DV8, and XLR8 series of fins. This is a huge plus for us as we do not then have to create dedicated canard designs for all of these ranges, they can simply share this one unique design.

Coupling this revised canard fin with the XLR8-600 design gives us a great large twinzer setup. But it will also be able to be paired with the 550 and 500 versions of the XLR8 design to make twinzers with varying amounts of area and therefore drive.

We are stoked that this new design has been finalized as we are now in a position to move forward with the process of moving the XLR8 series into production.

The XLR8 range will end up being the largest of all our fin ranges in production, consisting of the following templates.

  • XLR8-300TS
  • XLR8-350CN
  • XLR8-400
  • XLR8-450
  • XLR8-500
  • XLR8-550
  • XLR8-600
  • XLR8-413B (back fin)
  • XLR8-475C (center)

There are additional templates besides the ones chosen for production. These might be added at a later date once we get a better feel for the most popular sizes. The selected sizes cover the templates that have been used during the testing and custom manufacturing cycle.


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