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SPLT QUAD Split-keels


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This is the latest fin design we have been working on for testing this winter. It is another of our split keel designs, but this one differs from any of the current versions.

The driving force behind this design was to develop a quad set that worked in either a tight or a spread-out cluster. Most of our current quads or split-keels are optimized for tight clusters.

Spread Range of SPLT Quad Set

The design criteria dictated the shape of the main fin - SPLT-500, which features a wing-like body coupled with an extended tip. The fin profile also features our BLENDED-WING concept to deliver smoother transitions. The extended blade was essential to the design as it allowed the back fin to be moved up to 1.75" back from the front fin but still work with it.

For our tight clusters, the back fin is placed close to the front fin, adding drive to the whole package without impairing the turning performance. The narrow base on the front fins optimizes the turning ability and looseness. Another aspect of the front fin design is the rake, and there is a lot more than we usually utilize. We wanted to improve the amount of projection out of a turn. Plus, we wanted to keep the center of effort tight to the back fin to maintain speed and flow through the turns.

Due to the shape of the front fin, there is also a lot of flex in the tip of the fin. This will add an extra bit of drive out of the turns.

Both fins feature HOLOFOILS, with a larger fin carrying the foil through the upper blade.

Due to its role in the setup, the back fin is smaller than our typical quad back fins. Plus, it needs to fit under the upper blade of the larger fin. The shape is optimized to add drive and speed to the package. It is similar to our PWR-400 fin and has a similar role. This fin will also be an excellent side bite in a 2PLUS1 setup.

The whole setup has a low surface area to reduce drag and make them as fast as possible. But due to the shapes of the individual fins, there will still be plenty of drive.

We have yet to finalize if SPLT will be the template name, but for now, that is what we are using. Any suggestion would be welcome.

It will be exciting to see how this new design works out. Let the testing begin!

Sunday July 30th, 2023


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