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Through the summer we have continued to work on the designs for some of the fins for the XLR8 series. Most of this work has focused on the canard fins and experimenting with different approaches to making them.

As part of the process, we have also added this new design the XLR8-300TS (3.00" high), this intended to be used as a trailing side fin as well as a nubster center fin. But because the side fin has 14º flip in the whole blade it can also be used as a small canard fin.

Here is the fin coupled with the new XLR8-600 design.

The fin has a PHAT FOIL at the base and then most of the blade is much like any of the regular XLR8 FLIP TIPS with a full-length hollow foil.

We are still experimenting with the construction method for these fins as this initial version wasted a lot of material in the process of creating the angles. One alternate method has been tested and another one will be completed this week. Ultimately though this fin is a prime candidate for the molding process as it will make them both more affordable and easier to produce.

The exact same template will be used to make a center trailing fin to serve as a stabilizer.

We have also been working on an XLR8-350CN canard fin design that used to have the flip just a little over half the length of the blade. This has now been tweaked to use the same approach as this new template where the flip in the blade is about 3/4" above the base. We should have photos of this new version very soon!

With these new designs you will also notice a new colorway we have been experimenting with, it is called ROOT BEER and it looks awesome for these fins as it looks a lot like a piece of wood with the oiled finish! Looks a lot like some of the PHENOLIC we have used for various fins, but way easier to work.


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