FINAL XLR8-350CN v4 Fin Design

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After making one of the v3 versions of the XLR8-350CN fin we decided that there was one remaining idea that needed to be explored. In the past, we have always tried to design our canard fins so that they would work well in a more standard quad fin setup. To accomplish this we tended to move the entire fin as far back on the base as possible. This would bring the fin closer to the back fin with the chance of creating a small overlap.

With this final revision that is exactly what we have done, the whole blade of the fin has been moved back over 3/4". This introduces more overhang off the back of the base and to accommodate DUAL TAB fins we had to have a raised nose extension at the leading edge to provide additional strength over the front tab.

Everything else about the fin is the same as the previous revision, including the fold being very close to the base, but due to the overhang off the back of the base, we can get a little more out of the hollow foil in that area.

The other benefit of this design is that when if it is used as a trailing back fin, in a standard quad setup, the fins become a little more effective as they are further back and closer to the rail, providing better hold and more drive out of the turns.

Coupled with the XLR8-600 this makes what we feel is an ideal twinzer setup, that will be both smooth and powerful.

Now, all that remains is to test all of these variations to see what the differences are from one to the other so that we can quantify them. We are very confident that this final version of the 350CN v4 is going to be the one that we choose for production.

XLR8-350CN v4 Flip

This new fin in combo with the XLR8-600 can now been seen in the main banner on the HANALEI FINS website, check it out!


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