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WNG-600E Elliptical Wing Center Fin


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This is our latest wing center fin. It differs from the others we have done recently as it utilizes an elliptical wing instead of the previous straight wings.

The elliptical wings will generate less lift and be much smoother through the turns. The idea with this design is to get less tail lift due to the reduced wing lift. Also, the shape of the wing will smooth out the turns with no hitches.

The mast of the fin is identical to previous versions of this size. The wing span is also the same as in previous versions, but there is less area due to the wing shape. Less area will make the fin faster through reduced drag.

WNG-600E Elliptical Wing Single

The wing features the same amount of upsweep as the straight wings. In all aspects, the fin is identical to the previous versions, except for the wing outline. The wing still features HOLOFOILS on the underside of the wing for smoother performance through better water flow. The foil of the wings also allows them to tolerate different bottom rockers on the board. This is due to the positioning of the wing and the leading edge shape, working in conjunction with the HOLOFOILS.

Let the testing begin.

Tuesday September 5th, 2023


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