XLR8-475C Center Design Progression

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After looking at the most recent version of the XLR8-475C center fin design (v3) we decided it could be improved by adding a little more area to the tip. This will increase hold and drive plus it will add a little more feel.

The photo shows the progression of the design of this center fin to this latest version (v4), which hopefully will be the final design. It bears a fairly close resemblance to the XTC-450C except it has a fair bit more rake and slightly less area, plus it is a 1/4" taller. The tip design was clearly influenced by the tip on the XTC.

Of course another major difference is that this fin features our PHAT FOILS!

If this design works out the plan will be to use this one template as the center fin for a number of other templates so that we can service them all with a single mold. This means that over time it will likely replace the XTC version.


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