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SPLT QUAD Split-keels
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This is the latest fin design we have been working on for testing this winter. It is another of our split keel designs, but this one differs from any of the current versions.

The driving force behind this design was to develop a quad set that worked in either a tight or a spread-out cluster. Most of our current quads or split-keels are optimized ...

A4C-500BW TWIN v2
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We continue to work on the BLENDED-WING update to the A4C-500.

The latest version of the A4C-500BW has some refinements from the first version. We started by moving the bend down slightly further on the fin.

We have also adjusted the shape of the cutaway to make it a little more friendly for cutting FUTURES bases.

Additionally, ...

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Another one of our wing single fins has just been finished. This is another 6.00" version. Almost identical to the first one, just different colors.

The wings on these more recent ones all have the same 5" wing span.

After making a few of these over the last few weeks, we finally settled on how we measure the height. In the ...

H8-400C Center Fin
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H8-400C Center Fin

We already have the side fin version of the H8-400 in production. Here is a center fin version that makes for an incredibly high-performance center fin.

It is only 4.00" in height but has plenty of drive and hold due to its shape and area.

We are contemplating adding this fin to our range of CNC fins but ...

WNG-500 Center
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Finished 5.00" version of the WNG center fin. This one has a GEARBOX base.

We have four more of these wing fins on the go, soon there will be a lot more photos of them.

WNG Wing Fin Assembly S3
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Finally, the bulked out wing fin blank.

After adding the extra pieces of material to the tips of the wings we are now ready to start creating the wing profile.

More Block WNG Fin Blanks

This involved tapering the wing blocks ...

WNG SINGLE Fin Assembly S2
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Now that the base plate has been added to the mast, we will add the bulking plates.

WNG Base Plate Attached

These bulking plates are used to increase the thickness of the wings to accommodate the upsweep angle and taper.

In ...

WNG Assembly Step 1
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We are going to document the assembly of one of our WNG fins for those that are interested.

There were several steps before this one, but this is the first of the assembly process.

It starts by gluing the tenon and mortise joint together. Next, a custom right-angle jig holds the wing at the right angle.

This initial wing plate ...

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It has been some time since we made one of these wing single fins. Something a little different than what we usually post.

These are always interesting as they are a real challenge to make by hand and take much time to foil. Essentially you are foiling three fins in one.

The fin is made from a mast for the main blade, and the wings ...

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We are revisiting one of our older fin designs to see how the BLENDED-WING concept works on a more wing-like template.

After foiling up a set, it is evident that this concept belongs on a fin of this style. Everything about it looks right. Usually, fins with this wing style that are pretty upright can be a little twitchy. The feeling is that ...

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The next fin design we will test with the BLENDED-WING concept is the largest version of the Q5 series - Q5-600BW.

A little different than the A4C versions, primarily due to the shape of this fin compared to the A4C. It still has similar characteristics in the outline of the profile, but the HOLOFOILS are different.

We ...

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As mentioned in the previous post, here is the larger version of the A4C with the bent tip - A4C-550BT.

It has all of the same properties as the smaller version, including the thicknesses for the profile.

For some reason, it looks even better on a larger fin and significantly affects the fin's weight.

It is worth ...


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