Where all the latest news about HANALEI FINS can be found, we tend to put all of our announcements here, as well as information about new designs and the testing process.

Some of the historical blog posts from previous years are slowly being moved into the new blog. Initially, all of the most interesting ones will be moved over. Eventually we hope to get all of the old posts up here so they are accessible.

Most of the new posts also get placed on our Facebook page, so they can be read there as well.

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Website Update 2023-07-30
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We have added a lot of new fin templates with the most recent shipment. These additions have prompted a revamp to the website to accommodate them all better.

The CNC fins are all under a single dropdown and are separate pages for each main fin series, as follows.

F8 Series
Q5 Series
Q2/QFT Series
A4C Series

The ...

Mastodon Logo
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We have added some social media account links to the website, including one for MASTODON, as we will try and regularly do some micro-blogging there. Be sure to follow us if you are interested in all things HANALEI FINS.

The links can be found in the main MENU for the site at the very bottom. They are also in the footer of every page of the ...

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After much debate, we have decided to add an OUTLET store to the HANALEI FINS website. This outlet will be used to offer special deals and primarily to move excess inventory or obsolete fins.

The featured fins in the outlet are of limited quantity and not necessarily with all of our standard fin bases available. Pricing is, on average 25% ...

MAIN Banner
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We have taken the HANALEI FINS website through a refresh with a more modern interface.

Navigation has also been improved and content updated where needed.

For now the BLOG is only semi-operational as we move content from the old website to this new one that utilizes a different blogging mechanism.

Bear with us as there will be ...


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