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surfer: Lance Carleton
photo: 18seconds/Andy Morris



Where all the latest news about HANALEI FINS can be found, we tend to put all of our announcements here, as well as information about new designs and the testing process.

Some of the historical blog posts from previous years are slowly being moved into the new blog. Initially, all of the most interesting ones will be moved over. Eventually we hope to get all of the old posts up here so they are accessible.

Most of the new posts also get placed on our Facebook page, so they can be read there as well.

WNG SINGLE Fin Assembly S2
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We have added some social media account links to the website, including one for MASTODON, as we will try and regularly do some micro-blogging there. Be sure to follow us if you are interested in all things HANALEI FINS.

The links can be found in the main MENU for the site at the very bottom. They are also in the footer of every page of the ...

WNG Assembly Step 1
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We are going to document the assembly of one of our WNG fins for those that are interested.

There were several steps before this one, but this is the first of the assembly process.

It starts by gluing the tenon and mortise joint together. Next, a custom right-angle jig holds the wing at the right angle.

This initial wing plate ...

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We are revisiting one of our older fin designs to see how the BLENDED-WING concept works on a more wing-like template.

After foiling up a set, it is evident that this concept belongs on a fin of this style. Everything about it looks right. Usually, fins with this wing style that are pretty upright can be a little twitchy. The feeling is that ...

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The next fin design we will test with the BLENDED-WING concept is the largest version of the Q5 series - Q5-600BW.

A little different than the A4C versions, primarily due to the shape of this fin compared to the A4C. It still has similar characteristics in the outline of the profile, but the HOLOFOILS are different.

We ...

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We are stoked to have these new fins in stock in Hawaii and soon at Sanded Australia.

Q5 Smooth TWIN

Both setups feature the Q5-375 as the smaller fin and the Q5-550FT ...

Advanced fin designs to take your surfing to the next level.


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